Yaki Yaki Bo Teppanyaki Restaurant.

What a hungry man needs most is, well, food. But to make it better – good food! 7 hours after breakfast today, our stomachs were already on a violent strike – demanding food, or they’ll inflict more pain unto us. Glad to have settled for Yaki Yaki Bo Teppanyaki Restaurant after much contemplations.

So my friends and I sat at the counter. I was just asking my friend – is it that I’ve been living under the rock for the past years if I find the way they cook in front of us fascinating (right Ah Meng? lol). But really, I think it’s super stressful on their part, and totally the opposite on our side. I enjoy looking at them flipping, slicing and scratching the iron griddle with their teppanyaki spatula.


Seafood Lunch Set ($18.90++) :: And as always, I have trouble deciding what to have. It was a toss up between the Seafood Lunch Set and the Dory Fish Lunch Set (I love dory fish!). But you know, my stomach was as deep as an abyss that time, I didn’t want to risk not ending up with a full stomach, so I took the former (the latter costs $10.90++ – too good to be true, lol). I’d say it’s much worth it. What’s included in the set?
• Salad (lettuces, carrots, apples, cucumbers)
• Miso soup
• 1 plate of beansprout
• 1 bowl of rice
• 2 slices of orange
• Seafood: 1 whole portion of squid; 1 portion of salmon; 2 scallops; 3 prawns – served on top of a rectangular slice of slightly toasted, slightly flavored with garlic bread.
Service was quick, so we got to have our eagerly awaited lunch soon after placing our order. To be honest, I was spoilt for choices; I was lost in the sea of food – I didn’t know which one to begin with – the salmon, no, the squid, no the prawn first, the beansprout. lol. All of them are good to have while it’s hot. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself thoroughly.
The salmon is oh-so-delectable. It has been quite some time since I’ve tasted some nicely cooked salmon (again, don’t take my words for it – it’s 100% only my opinion). The scallop was great. The prawn, however, was a disappointment. I was looking at it, ever-ready to pop it into my mouth, until I did, and learn that it was overcooked. Other than that, it’s really great and worth the money. I rubbed my stomach in much satisfaction.

Okonomiyaki :: $10.90++

Butatama (Pork) Okonomiyaki ($10.90++) :: My friends and I saw the Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes) on the menu while flipping through it. Inside us, we were all silently tempted by it. Only a while later, one of us spoke up, wanting to try it, that we easily succumbed to this temptation. lol. We ordered the Pork-filled one, if I’m not wrong, it’s pork belly in it. I think I’m not a Okonomiyaki person. lol. The cubes of cabbage-y in it makes it not-so-enjoyable for me. But the well-cooked pork belly in it kind of neutralizes it out. If you don’t mind the cabbage, go for it!

There are also other sets I got to try. Salmon Lunch Set ($14.90++) – like aforementioned, the salmon is ever so awesome (likewise for its presentation – it’s placed in a small pre-made aluminum tray), and Sliced Beef Lunch Set ($14.90++). It doesn’t taste too bad for me, for someone who doesn’t usually eat beef (not because I dislike it, but because of religious reason). And the portion is pretty generous too, according to my friend. lol.

Can’t emphasize on how satisfied I am about this meal. Thanks to William for the introduction! This will definitely not be my last trip there.

—-> NOTE #1: You can ask for Counter Seat (in front of the iron griddle) if you’d like, if not – a standard seat is available too.

—-> NOTE #2: They use the ‘take-your-receipt-to-the-front-counter-to-settle-your-bill’ system. So do not embarrassingly ask for the bill when you are done, lol. See, for me, it’s always good to go to a new place with someone who has been there before. lol.

—-> NOTE #3: Lunch sets are only available from 11.30AM – 3PM. Well, at least I hope I didn’t remember wrongly. It’s that or up till 2PM. lol. It should be throughout the week. Because I had mine on a Saturday.

—-> NOTE #4: We asked the manager (was it?) if that’s the only outlet, and the answer is positive – the only outlet is at Basement 1, Jurong Point. (Latest update as of 01.01.11, a new outlet is opened at nex, Serangoon.)

Address (Outlet in context): 1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-52, Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Telephone: 6792 0583
Photos by Yee Meng.


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