Everything With Fries [EwF].

Looookk. Whatever happened to having a good, eye-catching logo; Whatever happened to the things our lecturers teach us back in school? Other than the words above, the only other thing I saw on its storefront board was a lizard. lol. Just digressing – it has nothing to do with the quality of its food/service.

Just before you get a shock of how it looks it, I’ll let you have a glimpse of its interior. I was having the impression that it’s a restaurant (not fine-dining restaurant but more of cafe cartel, NYNY kind of restaurant?) but it’s more of an Astons restaurant. It wasn’t too bad, cool air – check.

One Egg Soup ($3.90++) :: On to the food! For the appetizer – I got to try the One Egg Soup. It doesn’t only sound unique, it actually tastes quite unique too. Although so, I wouldn’t say that it’s the best type of uniqueness out there. You’d actually have the ‘mhm, I can’t really figure out what is in there’ kind of feeling – or at least that’s for me. It tastes pleasant enough though (:

They do not, unfortunately, have the widest variety of main courses there. Well, can’t blame them, it’s really only a small chain, yet. Even though there’re only 10 different main courses, I was already having a hard time choosing between the already delicious-looking menu.

Lamb Burger ($9.90++) :: Yes, I was going back and forth between this and the Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich (I don’t know, this always sounds real good in every menu, lol). I asked the waiter for his opinion, and he recommended this. lol. If you’re expecting some lamb shank/steak kind of meat, please be reminded this is a burger, and it’s only going to be a lamb patty. Don’t be like me, expecting the former. Haha. With that in mind, the meat tasted good. It didn’t have the usual lamb steak smell – I have no idea if it’s a good or a bad thing for you. Personally, I’d love to have that, what many people call a stench. But I’m alright without it too. lol. For me, my appetite was already whetted the moment the dish was served. The glossy-looking burger bun – ohhhhmy :D

Breaded NZ King Salmon ($13.90++) :: I don’t know if you can see by the picture, but, IT IS FREAKING GOOD. Okay, maybe a little exaggerated, but forget about anything, just go try it. I took a bite and almost flew to the sky (but the ceiling brought me right back down). I love how it’s only breaded on the top of the fish, while the rest of the portion remains fresh and tender. In addition, the smell of salmon stayed on it. It’s near heaven. lol. Just note, that this is my personal opinion, I do notice that people have many different likings as to how salmons are served.

Grilled Pork Chop (13.90++) :: I wouldn’t say it’s a bad try. The meat was more towards the tough type rather than the tender type, which, I am fine with. I like to chew on it. But if you’re looking for the very flavorful, tender, easy to chew and slice kind of pork chop – skip this.

Nutella Shake & Vanilla Malt Shake ($4.90++) :: Both are slightly similar. The latter wins in terms of sweetness though. It is no fun sucking up the sweetness with a full stomach – I almost did the Merlion stunt (I wouldn’t be surprised if I did if I were to finish my cup). I think I might have a marginally higher expectation on the Nutella Shake (after hearing good reviews on it), so I was expecting a little more. Nevertheless, I -would- still order that same drink if I were to re-visit EwF.

Now now. One would assume the specialty of Everything with Fries is its, fries, right? I can’t confirm myself if that’s what they’re marketing, but if so, it’s kind of a failure! Hate to put it down, but I am really disappointed by its fries. Curry flavor – too much curry powder, too little salt; Normal flavor – decent; Sour cream and onion flavor – A little more like it, although most parts are still unsalted.

I like the service though. Very cheery and friendly service crew. Good service always enhances the experience. Good job, guys!

Address: 40 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village
Telephone: 6463 3741


2 thoughts on “Everything With Fries [EwF].

  1. IF I were to go back again, I’ll control my temptation to order the Salmon and try the sandwich! Haha, thanks thanks! I think I’ll be go back for at least one more time – for its Nutella Tart. I’ve wanted to try it for the longest time. Haha.

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