Swensen’s Singapore [Ice Cream Buffet].

To be honest, I was already drooling for quite some time, at the Swensen’s Ice Cream Buffet, before I actually patronized it. Ice Cream Buffet, and it’s not just any, street-sold Ice Cream, it’s Swensen’s – Chocolate Malt Ice Cream, Sticky Chewy Chocolate – those sundae flavors you always order (so much so that you don’t even have to look at the menu of ice cream sundaes available, lol). After what seemed like ages, I finally got down to Orchard Ion (the only outlet with the Ice Cream Buffet) to meet and greet the awesome line up of ice creams.

There’re over 50 different flavors of ice cream and some 40 odd toppings. The flavors include the classics, some gelato (eg. peach and mango gelato, bitter chocolate gelato, cookies cheesecake gelato), and other favorites (eg. sticky chewy chocolate, cookies chocolate), and the toppings surprised me. I wasn’t expecting the wide yet tasty spread of toppings (which includes nestle crunch chocolate chunks, malt balls, lightly salted biscuits, hazelnut chocolate wafers, smarties etc.). I wouldn’t be surprised if any one of you spammed the toppings upon seeing them. lol. Just don’t, overdo it, or you’ll get some serious overdose of chocolates. lol.

One particular thing I like about this buffet is the ability to re-create the Frosted Chocolate Malt (my most sought-after sundae). Because they have the Chocolate Malt Ice Cream, they have the Malt Balls, and they have the Cold Chocolate Fudge and Liquefied Marshmallow. Awesomeness.

Besides ice cream and their toppings, you can expect a small range of cakes and pies. I personally didn’t want to take the cakes and pies, because they have it in a really generous portion (I’d rather fill my stomach up with more ice cream).

Lined up on the same side (as the cakes and pies) of the four-sided counter is the Chocolate Fondue side. Profiterole (cream puffs), vegetable sticks (and that’s how Pocky is made – vegetable sticks + chocolate fondue dumped three quarter into the stick), sweet red strawberries and marshmallow can be found by the fondue set. Good thing the chocolate fondue isn’t as bitter as some that I’ve tried.

One last thing to touch on – they have quartered-up waffles. It’s recommendable to just try it (you can walk over to the ice cream section and ask for a scoop or two on the waffle) once, nothing more.

—-> NOTE #1: Each bowl can only go up to a maximum of 5 scoops of ice cream. Don’t be humiliated like I was when I asked for the sixth scoop. What’s funny is, I don’t get the reason why we can’t go more than 5 scoops per bowl – it’s not like the bowl will crumble with the weight of the sixth.

—-> NOTE #2: You can stay there for as long as your stomach can withstand the sugar. If it means staying there from the time they open till they finish stacking the plates and wiping the tables, so be it.

Price :: $18.90++ / $12.90++ with a food order (not inclusive of soup and sides)

Address (Outlet in context): 2 Orchard Turn, #B1-31, Orchard ION
Telephone: 6884 5967


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